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Karlenne Hager Trimble

Karlenne Hager Trimble profile photo.

Welcome to my world of painting.


Creative Intention

Life is made up of moments noticed and moments missed. In my work, I find and capture on canvas the simple slivers of time that often go unseen. The ones not remembered or even felt.

Yes, there is beauty across the full spectrum of human experiences. But my artistic joy comes from celebrating the quiet spaces sandwiched between life's more memorable moments. 


My paintings are grounded in realism, but go beyond representations of a place or time. I create drama with expressive brushwork, emphasizing movement and fluidity. I prioritize mood and atmosphere over accuracy. A sense of depth more than definition. And color that is vibrant not flat or lifeless. With paint, I connect and carry people to familiar scenes and feelings in their own lives. They stop. Reflect. Relive. And hopefully smile.  


A Little More About Me

I’ve drawn and painted since I was nine – starting with art classes at the Birmingham Museum of Art. But dance replaced art as my creative outlet for many years. From elementary school to college and beyond.


Once I began my marketing career, I continued to be involved in dance as Artistic Director for a professional dance company. Dance and choreography were a great outlet, but you can only sustain the rigors of dance for so long.

So I began to immerse myself back in my art, taking classes and workshops to revitalize my approach and technique. When I retired, I was well on my way to establishing painting as my old new passion. 


Atlanta is my home. I keep active now with yoga instead of dance. I share my life with my loving husband Roy and two crazy cats. Roy encourages me every day to follow my dreams, not over blend and make my darks darker. 

Please enjoy exploring my work and finding moments that make
you smile. 


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