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Karlenne Hager Trimble

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Welcome to my world of painting.


I paint fleeting glimpses of everyday life. Those quiet spaces sandwiched between life's more memorable moments. The ones that are often overlooked because they’re not big enough to register as something special. Not important enough to file away as a memory. 


But even in life’s simple and unremarkable moments, you can find emotion and movement. A passing ray of light. The wrinkle in a smile or a disappointed arched eyebrow. A lively conversation or a distracted bystander. There’s even beauty in abandoned objects neatly arranged on a bedside table.


These moments capture my eye and inspire me to paint. I bring them to life by accentuating the drama, manipulating the artful dance of color, light and shadow and using lively gestural brushwork and mark-making. These familiar scenes remind people of their feelings during similar moments in their lives. They stop. Reflect. Relive. And hopefully smile.  


Atlanta is my home. I share my life with my loving husband Roy and two crazy cats. Roy encourages me every day to follow my dreams, not over blend and make my darks darker. 


Please enjoy exploring my work and finding moments that make
you smile. 


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